Breakfast Rituals

morning table

When the sun goes down and I’m sitting in bed or milling around the house waiting for the sleeping hours, morning is already on my mind with the craving for a piping hot coffee and breakfast close to my heart. I used to think I was a night person but I’ve come to learn that I am much more a morning worshipper. I love the tall shadows that shoot throughout the kitchen with the sun high in the sky and the idea of having the whole day ahead of me. Whether I’m anxious at the thought of the day’s events or bright eyed with contentment I never fail to start with breakfast or at least prepare something to take with me if I’m in a rush.

These pancakes can fall into both of those categories of meal creation. I’ve made these in a variety of ways as anything mixed in one bowl is keen to changes and add-ins, but what consistently stays the same is their reliability in turning out, tasting good, and keeping my energy up and mind sharp. Everyone has their morning rituals, breakfast included. My philosophy for how I start my day requires something hot to drink and something nutritionally sound to eat. I go by the general idea of including a good amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat in every meal and put emphasis on fibrous versus starchy carbohydrates as the day goes on; although I do think the body benefits from cycling macronutrient ratios this is a good rule of thumb to go by. I’ve learned through lots of experimentation and paying attention to my body that I do best when I avoid a high carbohydrate/grain breakfast and stick to something with more protein-I find that my body is able to use this kind of fuel most effectively and I feel most satisfied and even keeled. I highly encourage everyone to observe how their body reacts whenever they eat! So much can be learned about your digestion patterns, energy, and what works and what doesn’t in terms of food for fuel for your biochemical individuality.

Most importantly, this is the kind of breakfast I enjoy the most and therefore am most nourished by. I can stand at the kitchen counter with coffee in hand, doctoring my pancakes up into something pretty or they’ll be cooked up at night by the light of the stove and stuffed into a container to take to go in the morning. Either way, making breakfast is one element to the many paths to my happiness. Once I started making these, I was hooked. It’s quick and fun and I really can’t get enough. Lately I like topping mine with fresh berries, plain kefir, and some seeds.



1 serving protein powder of choice (whey or plant based, both work! About 1 oz)

¼ cup egg whites

2 tbs applesauce (or ½ of a small banana, mashed)

1 tbs oats

(You could stop the recipe here and have it be just as effective but I like to add in the following ingredients to achieve a familiar pancake texture)

1 tbs ground flax or chia seed (just to get some healthy Omega 3 fats in)

1 scant tbs coconut flour

2 tbs almond milk

1/ Measure ingredients directly into a glass measuring cup. Combine the dry ingredients first, then add the wet. With this recipe I add in almond milk until my desired consistency is achieved as using coconut flour requires this since it’s so absorbent. Mix with a fork; pour onto griddle and flip when you see bubbles forming. That’s it!



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