Beet Basil Marinara with Raw Noodles

noodle sauce

The raw food movement has surged into my life swift and easy. With all the thriving discussion on how we eat and where our food comes from being so prevalent, it can get overwhelming trying to navigate what foods are most healthful for us.

Raw food is simple, easy to understand the science behind and refreshing to eat and create. Looking at raw food recipe ideas I realize how much I’ve been overcomplicating how I eat.  Ironically, it’s easy to develop an unhealthy preoccupation with food when trying to set out on a more healthful way of being. Thinking about when to eat, what to eat and how to prep it all can dominate the thoughts of someone trying to achieve goals pertaining to health and wellbeing. This is where I see the benefit of implementing more raw meals into the diet; raw meals travel well, require little actual prep time and it’s difficult to make something with raw fruits and vegetables that doesn’t turn out well.


The philosophy behind eating raw foods is inherently simple and exciting to me: in order to encompass a body full of vitality, you must eat foods that are alive and rich with enzymes, water, vitamin and minerals. I was inspired to take a break from cooking my vegetables and look to see how I could adopt some raw food meals into my daily rotation. While I think that some foods are better off cooked for digestive purposes, I think there’s value in the principle of trying to incorporate at least one raw element to your plate. For example, breakfast could include raw fruit with kefir or plain greek yogurt with granola, or eggs over fresh greens and tomato.

cutting board

I stumbled upon a  vibrant community of raw food activists and recipes and was immediately drawn to the appeal of fresh & simple creations that inspire a new sense of creativity. Raw food recipes seemed intimidating to me at first glance but upon further inspection, intimidation turned to inspiration as I was creative awe of some of the things people come up with a few necessary tools being a food processor and/or high powered blender: raw cherry cobbler, mind blowing smoothie combinations, and nutrient rich raw salad dressings. I anticipate a lot of dabbling with this concept in the future.

zucchini noodle

These raw noodles are super easy to create with the help of a spiralizer machine. One small zucchini created a bowl full of voluminous noodles. I then blended up a thick, creamy, fat free sauce to generously pour all over. You could leave your bowl of noodles with sauce as is or if you’re like me and need a little animal protein in your life, I topped my bowl off with a chicken breast baked in coconut oil, salt & pepper.

Beet Basil Marinara


2 green onions

½ cup roasted beets

½  cup cherry tomatoes

½ small nectarine

Small handful basil

1 tsp cayenne pepper

1 tsp chopped garlic

sea salt to taste

1// Rinse all your fruit and vegetables well. Using a hand immersion blender or food processor, blend all your ingredients together until smooth. I added a small amount of water to get everything moving.

2//Pour over your zucchini noodles or use as a general salad dressing. This dressing is just one simple example of the variety of dressings and sauces you could create using raw food. Other great additions would be sundried tomatoes for sweetness and a deeper tomato flavor. I threw in the ripe nectarine to achieve some smoothness and a sweetness that jarred tomato marinara has due to the addition of sugar. Other herbs like fresh oregano, whole tomato, and thyme would also be delicious options.

chicken zucchini


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