Lime and Mint Stone Fruit Salad


Now’s the time to seize the moment and rush to your local farm stands, pick-your-owns, or if you’re crunched on time like I was when I decided to make this, to your town grocery store to peruse the piles of summer fruits on sale for $1.48/ lb.  Fruit salads are often categorized into some kind of berry and melon conglomeration, in which there is nothing inherently bad about but can only be exciting to make so many times with the bounty of summer picnics and parties we hop around to in the summer months.

This fruit salad is a lush, jewel like pile of summer stone fruits and is a perfect way to take advantage of all the produce falling around us if you’re lucky to live in an area where orchards are a plenty. I loved cutting up all these fruits into little cube pieces, pulling the super ripe flesh so easily away from the pit, revealing rich hues that shout health and flavor.

I had never had fresh apricot prior to making this and they are amazing! They provide a nice toothsome bite compared to the velvety peaches and nectarines and have a floral hint of flavor which blends nicely with the lime and mint. Choose whatever seasonal fruit looks most appealing to you, be careful to choose those that aren’t overripe so the fruit pieces don’t melt and mush together when tossed.

fruit salad


4 black plums

4 white nectarines

4 peaches

5 apricots

Juice and zest of one lime

½  cup sliced raw almonds (or toast if you wish!)

Handful chopped fresh mint

1/ Rinse all of your fruits well. Cut flesh away from the pit into all similar sized cube pieces. Layer cut fruit in your bowl of choice from least soft to most soft so when you toss you do the least damage to the softest fruit.

2/ Zest and juice the lime over your pile of fruit. Toast the almonds in a sauté pan if you want to have them be more crunchy or throw them in raw. Chop mint and sprinkle over top.

3/ Use clean hands to toss all the fruits together so all gets coated by lime, zest, and mint. Garnish with extra almonds and mint over top. Serve chilled.


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