Collard Wrap with Ginger Cayenne Sweet Potato & Tuna Filling

Collard wraps will change the way you do fast food. Using them is just as simple as grabbing a tortilla or bread to build a sandwich, but choosing one of these big leafy greens is a more nutrient dense way to get your sandwich fix.

collard wrap

If I have some collard greens and a cooked protein on hand, I have a perfect on the go option for lunch or an in between meal. The only trick to these is making sure you trim the stem and choose greens large enough to create an effective wrap. See Honest Fare’s post on mastering the collard wrap here.

My wraps are rather sloppy but a quick roll up like that of a burrito gets the job done. Gabrielle’s are much prettier. If you have time, treat yourself to making your collard experience nice (going through the trimming, washing, the whole bit) so that you leave the table with the best impression possible.

collard wrap 2

I love the crisp snap of the greens with the contrast of a soft and crunchy filling. It may take some getting used to the collard wraps “green” flavor but keep an open mind and let them become a favorite in your rotation. This was a perfect post workout lunch with the high protein content, no overt fats, and starchy carbohydrate from sweet potato to replenish muscles and give you energy.

collard wrap 1


4 large leaf collard greens, washed & trimmed

4 oz tuna

2 large stalks celery, minced

½ of a large roasted sweet potato, skinned

1 small fresh cayenne pepper, chopped (seeds and membrane included to your spice preference)

1 inch knob fresh ginger root, grated

2 tbs sesame seeds

2 fresh green scallions, chopped

1 tsp sriracha hot sauce

Sea salt & pepper to taste

1/ In a mixing bowl, place roast sweet potato, tuna, and the rest of your chopped up vegetables and seasonings. Combine until well mixed. Place ¼ of filling into the middle of your collard green, tuck the sides in to the middle and fold up the bottom for the quickest wrap as shown here. Eat, repeat, enjoy!


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