Fear No Combo

I think the wonderful thing about working with food in its natural state is that you really can do no wrong in what you create with it. Keep in tune with your tastes and be open minded to flavor combinations. In my own experience, eating more raw fruits and vegetables allowed me to develop a keener sensitivity to the beautiful flavors in food simply as it exists.

In making a meal, I try to consider textures, colors, and flavor profiles in coordination with what I’m craving to make something satisfying. Considering those three elements will get you far in trying to eat healthier.

As an example of the mental chatter going on for the making of this simple mix, I thought of the crunch of celery and apple going really well together. I deliberately chose a red apple to contrast the green celery, and avocado for something creamy, hearty, and balancing. Fresh lime juice went over top to brighten everything up and goes really well with the natural sodium in the celery and the tart and sweet flavors of the apple. As a bonus, the lime also keeps the apple and avocado from browning! I later added some chop dried plum for a chew factor, an element which I think is really important in having a satisfying kind of salad.

This was a delightful between meal pick me up and could be expanded to use on top of greens or diced finer as an alternative salsa. Trust your intuition and play with your ingredients!

apple celery lime

1 medium paula red apple

2 stalks of celery

1/2 an avocado

half of a lime, juiced

sprinkle of himalyan sea salt


2 thoughts on “Fear No Combo

    • Emma September 6, 2013 / 10:02 pm

      Thank you! I love yours as well.

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