Clean Cookie Dough Bites

I could be stepping out on a limb here when I say that I think everyone and their mother likes to dip into the batter bowl every once and a while and would be in great favor of attaining a recipe where dough consumption is encouraged…but I’ll take the risk.

almond butter cookie dough
The closeness in experience of nibbling on butter and sugar rich cookie dough batter in this whole foods ingredients recipe is pretty spot on. These would make a great snack to keep in the fridge of freezer to keep on hand for when you’re craving the dough experience or keen on having something sweet. I also imagine these would be a hit with young ones, perhaps swapping out the slightly bitter cacao nibs for dairy free chocolate chips or whatever other favorite cookie add-in you can imagine.
cookie dough bite

Poor Joey is perpetually tortured with my lingering in the kitchen, taking bites of delicious things he can’t have whilst standing over him. cookie balls

I rolled some of mine in unsweetened coconut and oats for variety and eye appeal.
cookie dough

Fullscreen capture 1042013 63641 PM.bmp

Depending on your almond butter texture (dry or drippier) you may need to add more or less almond milk/oat flour, just watch for that dough consistency!



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