Strawberry-Plum Cinnamon + Black Pepper Buckwheat Muffins

Sometimes you just need a muffin.
buckwheat muffin
A simple, lightly sweet, toasty and crumbly muffin. With some fruits and other nutritive ingredients to allow  one  to be a decent component of a breakfast ensemble.
strawberry plum muffin
I like the challenge of creating baked goods without the standard pastry ingredients. I like the way not eating wheat has benefited my system, but do like the way eating a muffin makes my heart feel, so I compromise and make these kinds of treats every once in a while. I’ll have to get more into why I have personally chosen to  eliminate gluten from my diet (going on 1 year + with a few occasion-dependent indulgences) and all the benefits I have experienced in doing so. My choice in this lifestyle stemmed from a need to address a few health issues and diet was the first thing I could think to act on for change. Also, I now find myself automatically eating in a way that eliminates grains for the most part on a day to day basis just out of the belief that there are more nutrient dense carbohydrate sources to choose from to fuel my body.

These muffins are intriguing in their spicy/sweet profile from the black pepper and cinnamon. The buckwheat flour lends them their dark color that gives the impression of a bran muffin, and they have a similar texture to one as well. Strawberries and plum were my fruits chosen out of necessity due to being way too mealy for fresh consumption and therefore best for being thrown into a batter. Black pepper compliments berries nicely and the visualization of the dark plum and buckwheat colors  seemed divine. Any fruit could easily substitute here, such apples or blueberries.
Fullscreen capture 10132013 40528 PM.bmp


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