Green Apple + Cranberry Sweet Potato Bake with Chorizo & Quinoa

sweet potato bake

It’s been a beautiful fall in New England thus far, with leaves turning their golden warm hues slowly and consistently and mother nature giving us some ray filled days as well as cozy gray mornings. It’s a fortunate time to be living in the northeast corner.

With this turn in the environment comes the natural shift in how we eat and what’s available to us for seasonable produce. Fall flavors for me are embodied by the mix of savory and sweet with spices and layered textures. The interplay of soft & sweet potato layers with the sharp tartness of green apple and cranberry pair well with the smokey, sweet & spicy flavor of the snappy baked chorizo.

This recipe would be a winner on your thanksgiving table or at any cold weather holiday feast. It is fairly inexpensive, serves many, and easy to pull together. This is low fuss, high reward food.

sweet potato chorizo bake recipe


Also, if you don’t dig meat, try adding these spicy chickpeas! They would give the spice the chorizo provides as well as another layer of protein and texture. 


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