The Making of a Food Mosaic

I sit here with all of these bits now resting easy in the fridge.
Processed with VSCOcam
From these dishes I will be fueled in a variety of ways (over salad greens, with other fresh veggies, all mixed together, separate or apart). All of this is done with the confidence that my little hands feverishly worked over my food in the way that serves me best (good ingredients, happy/harmonious/healthy methods).

What we have here in the upper left enamel bot is grass-fed stew beef first browned with yellow onion & garlic in Kerrygold butter, then combined with chopped celery, carrot, tomato, fennel stalks and fronds. Orange zest, oregano, cumin, thyme, caraway & sea salt made the seasoning with a splash of OJ and apple cider vinegar to deglaze then simmered with water just to the top of the mix for however long it takes the meat to soften. Middle pot is buckwheat cooked in just water, drained & rinsed then tossed with turmeric, coconut oil and salt. Far right pan is red cabbage sauteed in coconut oil with anise seed and chopped green apple, pink salt to taste. All of these things spontaneously matched well together.

This spread might look kind of homely to some but I promise it was a delightful, simmering array of sights and smells. I won’t disagree that this image is in stark contrast to my prior posts,which are most often bright with chlorophyll and life; a cold weather body calls for different things.

The surge of inspiration to whip up this amalgamation of food tonight carried over to my inspiration to write about the importance of being inspired by whatever you have, trusting your gut senses to guide your outcome, and enjoying the result of having healthy food prepared for yourself. Some cooking sessions are like this where I am putting anything and everything that is newly bought or needing to be used up into hot pots and pans. Such cramming of chopping, stirring, and spicing reminds me of how grateful I am for falling in love with nutrition. The process can be just as nourishing as the outcome.


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