Bits and Pieces

vegan meal idea

Magic happens when I don’t have much. I do best with less in the kitchen, I feel more creative when there’s few options for ingredients to work with around me. I love a recipe from time to time but 90% of my food preparation for myself (and for others) comes from experimentation and intuiting what I want and observing how things look and smell as the dish comes along. Trying to use up what’s on the edge of being tossed out is also a part of my formula. I do this out of money sense and feeling sorry for perfectly good food that’s just waiting for the right use.

This was today’s lunch. Chopped up raw spinach (a small handful that was looking a bit depressed stifled in a ziploc), the middle bits of a large bunch of celery, a small onion (always in the pantry), the rest of a bag of frozen asparagus broken into pieces and sauteed in some coconut oil, curry powder, and sea salt until all soft. I like to combine a fresh texture with cooked, so under the sauteed pile went some crisp spring mix and alfalfa sprouts (to liven things up) and on top, 3 diced grape tomato stragglers. Sunflower seeds for crunch, and a side of steamed sweet potato with cinnamon and sea salt to balance the savory with some sweet (and some satisfying, dense carbohydrate). When using hodge podge ingredients, all it takes is a little care in the presentation to make an appealing plate.


One thought on “Bits and Pieces

  1. Jbroadhurst March 24, 2014 / 9:51 pm

    I like the stifled in a ziplock bag line, how many times does that stuff just get tossed! Good work in freeing those brocolli, small salad bits and othe assorted veggie prisoners.

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