Moving easily with the day,

Sitting by a fire, quiet for music, coated with calm.

Breakfast split in two,

Because I’m listening and the sizzle of the rest on the cast iron later will be grand.

Easy pauses in warm layers,

We finally have time and the coffee on the stove waits along with us.

Flooding awareness,

I notice the tree line shadows on the snow,

Wiry branches that innately know how to come to life with changing temperature,

The dense clustering of evergreen.

I picture myself sitting amongst them and thinking how it’d be good for my brain to walk in the woods, weaving between their patterns.

breakfast cabin


2 thoughts on “Saturdays

  1. Jb January 31, 2015 / 10:09 pm

    Happy you have a new post😌

  2. michellemullin120 February 1, 2015 / 6:59 pm

    beautiful Emma! You paint a lovely picture with your words! xo

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