Healing is a hands on adventure.

It expands from an up and down tumultuous nature to a deep pulling of self, turning you inside out, a wave curling over the shore over, and over again. Always returning to its source.

Through our experiences and the people me meet, we are prompted to change, to shed our layers-over and over again.

In the specific realm of Connected Kitchen, speaking of body and food-to love one’s body, to hear its messages, you must embody your body. Allowing your breath to literally pull you back into your self. To experience the raw format of your experiences, emotions, without the man-made complexities.

To do this we can do many things: vocalize/sing/communicate with our speech via our tongues and vocal chords and teeth or with hands to write or type. Mastering something, moving things/our bodies/, creating and making or crafting. Working with plants, gardening, enjoying eating or preparing a meal. All of this is expressing the power of what it is to be in a human body, which means to be able to learn and apply and educate ourselves, constantly.

To reach the root of our healing, its helpful to detach from our mental chatter and the pelting messages of our reflections of self and who we think we are in relation to other people and how this and that looks and where we’ll be tomorrow in relation to what we did today-

It goes on and on and it exhausts us-if we sink into now, all the possibilities of the chance of the present  without all these attachments, much more opportunity to access our pure being exists. We can better listen to the messages of who we are individually and how we have been expressed into this world.

Nutrition and access to simple food is part of what heals us. Sometimes it can be the first step. A diet of food that is full of vitality and directly accessed from earth gets us there. Simple fruits and vegetables as they are picked oxygenate and move blood, our digestion, our lympathic system. We can clear the pathways for messages to be better received by our bodies-the main centers being heart, mind, and gut (intuition), in choosing this kind of food. This allows clearer thought, and greater capacity to give and receive.


Your Body

Works so hard for you.
Digesting & metabolizing, cleansing, repairing, building muscle, creating hormones and neurotransmitters…
You have the ability to heal yourself to a greater potential than you were likely ever led to believe possible.

Eating healthy and taking care of your body through movement and rest can become second nature when taking into account this fact.

A lifestyle that makes creating a clean body and clear mind a priority allows you to tap into your own intelligence and intuition. Clogging yourself up with processed food, negativity, relationships and other choices that do not serve you hinders the capacity for this to happen. The more fresh, live, and simple whole food you eat, the more you are able to understand your cravings and eventually change them. As you incorporate foods that are closer to their natural state, you may find yourself craving fruits or greens and this will be your body telling you it needs more of one nutrient or another-listen!

Making a point to listen to your body’s signals and to let go of what is not good for you helps you to be a better receiver and communicator of messages; ever notice how life starts to flow better and in the direction you desire when you are happy and approach people and events with less resistance?

To become a more free individual (free of cravings/overeating, of holding onto grudges and negativity, etc): focus on staying in the present moment and experience emotions as they happen (rather than bludgeoning them away via food or other behaviors) and get clean inside and out so you can get in tune with making choices that enable you to feel good and to pursue what you love.

Spirituality, progression, and transformation starts in the kitchen! 😉